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Powernet (Powernet LLC), also known as Пауърнет, is a telecommunications company with activities in the broadband Internet, CaTV and Digital phones. It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently the company is the biggest broadband Internet services provider to end-users in the region of Sofia municipality. It serves about 35 000 residential, and over 1 500 business customers.


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Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"There are cameras recording your every move. Owner does not acknowledge the hard work you put into the company. Cocky attitudes by longtime employees who think they know better than you. Endless meetings that don't make sense. No words of empowerment here"

N0c (Former Employee) says

"There is way to much to say to express here but not a good company. You will be threatened to be fired on a regular basis. THe manager is incompetent. Be careful!"

Cincinnati Office (Former Employee) says

"The other reviews are from people who did not work at the US office. They 'may' have been part of the subcontracted call center in Manila. I worked with Powernet for over 5 years. Management cares more about appearances than functionality. They would rather spend money on fancy petone furnishing than get (and maintain) the tools needed to do the job. Launch products before staff has been trained on how to support it. Zero to minimal job performance feedback from management. Minimal job training. Minimal pay. Bad health insurance. $5000 Deductible. $3000 out of pocket each year.They don't normally poke you with a sharp stick.Too many to list here."

Obrero (Former Employee) says

">DIA tipico de TRABAJO: Despachar,mandar correos, hacer curriculum, sacar rif, plastificar,encuadernar,sacar copias,cambiar cartuchos de impresora, acomodar el aire acondiconado,hacer invetarios, limpiar y cuadrar caja de las ventas, entre otras cosas, ...>LO QUE APRENDI: Aprendi A trabajar con los materiales que teniamos, que en ocasiones no eran los adecuados y a resolver de la mejor manera.>Direccion O Gerencia: ....>Colegas: Sociables>Parte mas Dificil de Trabajo: Ninguna me adapte Facilmente.>lo que mas me gusto.? :Que tenia bastante trato con el publicono contaba con seguros medicos ni nada parecidoejemplo: no hay descanso para tomar café"

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is when I come to work at time, check my email, monitoring of my server for which I take care. Talk with my colleagues for some work stuff like tuning some services or upgrading old applications. Hard thing in this work was spam fighting. Every day they break passwords of our not-so-smart users with passwords 123456 of their mail accounts and then start spamming. The most enjoyable part of the job was THE JOB :)"